Frequently Asked Questions


1. What type of investigations do you conduct?


Citizen’s Investigation conducts a vast variety of investigative work; to include background reports, document retrievals, locating parties of a case, investigating subjects of a case, family investigations, divorces, cheating spouse, counter investigation, process of service, due diligence, surveillance, and many other similar investigations. We however, do not conduct polygraph or arson investigation. 

2. How is your investigative process broken down?


Citizen’s Investigation has an investigative process is broken down the same way the FBI and other law enforcement agencies brake down. They are the Preliminary Investigation, In Depth Field Investigation, and Concluding Investigation. 

3. What types of rates do you charge?


We retain our rates into a “Retainer” very much similar as hiring an attorney. After the free consultation, the investigator will establish Investigative Goals and the amount of time to achieve the goals. Our cases are Process Based, meaning we follow the Investigative Process to achieve our Investigative Goals.

4. Are your investigators required to be licensed?


Private Investigators, who are employed by Citizen’s Investigation, are required to comply with state and local laws governing licenses. Most states require both the company and the investigator to be licensed, while other only required the company or the investigator; and some states have no license requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Investigators


The private investigator works for the company and the company carries general liability insurance that provides liability coverage for the private investigation industry.

6. Will my identity be treated confidential?

 ABSOLUTELY! We will not disclose the names of our clients and the work that was done for the client without the expressed written consent of the client.